Silent Sentinels of Essex


Dotted across Essex are hundreds of disused PILLBOXES and soldiers spent hours sitting in these SILENT SENTINELS, often very young and bored, wishing they were at home in the warm, with loved ones and FRIENDS. A world apart from the haven I used to enjoy as a boy.

Today, the structures can be seen from many roads across the county, never a day goes past for me without seeing at least one and they have now become cathedral like monoliths, secret hiding places. Many have become overgrown and part of the excitement of the photography exhibition has been the exciting sense of discovery, some of them almost have a secret garden feel to them and the thrill of finding something different in each one never goes. I often end up imagining who has been in there before me.



Private view Friday 10th May 7pm

The Refinery Bar & Restaurant

110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0TF

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